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Kintana Inc. provides consumers with high quality personal protective equipment (PPE).  Our company strives to be the best in the industry. We distribute personal protection products to governments, hospitals, hospices and the general public.  We are committed to giving our customers the best wholesale prices for premium PPE products.  We are honored to provide critical personal protective products to keep us safe.  We are a women-owned, minority-owned small business with a dedicated team, serving our community with excellence and exceptional customer service.

We simplify the PPE supply chain

The legacy method of PPE supplies is bloated with many different parties in the supply chain. Each time the product changes hands, they are marked up in price by different middle men.  This means the end user pays much more for medical supplies than they have to.  At Kintana, we simplify the supply chain to provide large quantities of PPE supplies at a lower cost and to deliver them on time.

                              More Parties = HIGHER Pricing                         Less Parties = LOWER PRICING!


We work directly with vetted manufacturers who have regulatory approvals (e.g. FDA, NIOSH, etc.), have passed rigorous product testing and have met quality standards.  You'll find better pricing with us because of our simplified PPE supply chain.  Choose Kintana to be your reliable source of premium PPE products.